CPAN’s mission is to educate and engage people in state government and civic life.  That can take many forms, from voting and holding public office, testifying at a hearing or serving on a jury; volunteering in your community or donating to your favorite charity.  Even shoveling the sidewalk in front of your neighbor’s house is a healthy civic activity.  Whatever civic paths you go down, you’re going to need two crucial things:  Information – what you need to know to do it right, and Skills – the behaviors and habits you need to take than information and do good things with it.  Our goal is to provide you with both.

Our organization has brought together journalists, historians, communications experts and all-around passionate champions of civic engagement to develop concepts and deliver programs that show you where the problems are, for sure:  but also how you and your neighbors can be part of solving them.  Our only “point of view” is that a civil-but-committed exchange of views leads to persuasion and compromise, which leads to progress.  Every time.



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